I'm a polyglot programmer with an experience stretching from the low-level intricacies of assembly intros that fit into bootsectors to the high-level paradigms for bringing elegant architecture & design to complex, large-scale JavaScript applications. I currently have the enjoyment of working at Myplanet.

This site is a collection of some of the work I've done over the years. I sporadically blog about mainly programming-related stuff and tweet about more general subjects. And there are always things that I keep to myself. I'm also at LinkedIn, Facebook, Stack Overflow and GitHub.


  • jsUnity

    A lightweight and extensible JavaScript testing framework that is context-agnostic. It can be used in browsers as well as server-side environments.

  • browsersize.com

    Online tools for web designers. See how your website would look like on different screen sizes. See the current effective dimensions.

  • Twofifty

    A showcase for digital artwork, strictly 250 by 250 pixels in dimensions and on various platforms including GIF, PNG, JPEG, Java, DHTML, Flash and Shockwave.

  • Rockford the Invincible

    A partially functional Boulder Dash clone in just 20 effective lines of JavaScript.

  • Photoshop Color Book Format

    The unofficial format specification for Adobe Photoshop color books. Reverse-engineered from binary color book files.

  • Freeware

    Some freeware tools that I've written over the years.


  • Subpixel Scrolltext

    Scrolltext with subpixel font smoothing (A.K.A. ClearType) on an HTML canvas, using the tiniest font possible. Subpixel smoothing looks surprisingly readable on moving letters!

  • DHTML Polygons

    Rendering polygons of any number of sides with DHTML, using triangles and rectangles for occlusion.

  • Synthetic Lighting

    Simulating multiple different colored light sources with a couple of static images.

  • Depth of Field

    Simulating continuous focal distances from only two static images.